Pros and Cons of the Twitter

Pros and Cons of the Twitter

Twitter is its verbal counterpart. Twitter is your go-to for seeing what’s happening in the world exactly as it’s happening. Twitter is a live update always evolving throughout the day. Twitter is an online news networking site where people and brands communicate in short 280-character messages. The idea is sometimes referred to as microblogging.

 Pros and cons of using twitter for advertising business and marketing, on the student and personal use and advantage and disadvantage of twitter for common users. 

Pros: -

1. Twitter is renowned for its brevity. Short and sweet thanks for 280-character tweet limits.

2. This makes it easy to create and publish new content very quickly. With the limited amount of characters, you tend to get right the points.  

3.  Twitter is the best platform for having a dialogue with another individual or brand. By Hitting a reply, you can engage in a direct conversation with another user.

4. The message thread is highly visible simple. Everything is in chronological order, so easy to others to follow the conversation and engage with you as well

5. You can provide customer support on Twitter as well. People expect really quick responses on twitter especially compared to every other social media platform which isn’t as direct.

6. Twitter allows us to retweet other user posts. This is great if you’re low on content and need something to share with your followers as soon as possible.

Cons: -

1. Twitter is the fastest-paced social media site out there. So, if you snooze, you lose. With 6000 tweets every second, it can be easy for your content to slip through the cracks and go unnoticed.

2. With so many loud and active users, it can hard to get attention.

3. This is the character limit count for all of your posts. If you tend to write a novel when you post content this probably is not the platform for you. 

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