How to create best profile in social media

How to create best profile in social media

First impressions are everything, and your audience only takes a few seconds to make a judgment on your page based on your content. So the most important is how to create a perfect personal and business profile on your best social media platform or sites.  

Bio or Introduction: - Your bio or introduction needs to pack a big punch in a short amount of time. The good news is that the power is in your hands to create a Steller profile that represents you in the best possible light.  In a bio the key element here is to include your actual name. That sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised about how many accounts I see that doesn’t even include the individual’s name just their social handle, of course, this is fine if you’re behind a large brand that isn't defended by one person, but if you solopreneur or freelancer, people like the name of who they’re interacting with. Your bio short and sweet and expiation exactly who are, what you do or the services that you offer. Packing in as many keywords here as possible and try to keep it short. People don’t visit your bio to read your life story. They just want a snapshot.

Include a call to action, this is just a prompt for your followers to take an action, whether visiting your websites, enrolling in your online courses, reading your newest blog post or purchasing a product from your shop. Call the actions should benefit your audience, so give them a juicy incentive.

Profile Pictures: - Profile pictures are that if it’s batter to use a personal headshot, a product, or artwork photo that represents your brand or your logo. All of the above work for different purposes. If you want to appear legit and professional, opt for a logo. A product photo or images of your artwork. If you are an artist that has a recognizable style. This gives your audience a quick idea of the kind of work you create and can help boost sales of the particular piece that you select as your picture. 

Cover Photos: - Cover Photos between shots of products and big announcements for share with the audience. And Update your cover photo every time when lunch a new product and big sales announcement also add a new product or sales page direct link of the in the description.

Contact Information: - Always include your email address. And also include a website, shop, blog, whatever and other social media sites if you can.  Facebook will let you add links to other social sites like Instagram and Twitter. 

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