Best and Perfect Social Media Post

Best and Perfect Social Media Post

Today's days are first impressions are everything, and your audience only takes a few seconds to make a judgment on your page based on your content and social post or social media post.

And So, it is a big challenge for making the best and perfect social media post for engaging more customers or users of social media platforms on your post for your Facebook post, Instagram post or for Instagram promotion post.

Regardless of which social media platform you’re using across the board, content is king. Its more than just writing a couple of sentences, and adding a link. Your posts will be so much more effective when you learn a few little tricks to take your post to the next level and get the most bang for your buck.

  •  It’s determined the type of content that you want to post. Sales Posts are aimed to encourage your customers to purchase products. You must keep promotional content for one-third of your content overall. This feels like the healthiest balances for my brands, and one more your followers don’t like marketing messages drawing out their feeds. As the general rule of thumb, post enough promo content to just fall under the radar of being too spammy.   
  • Another standard post type is for general brand growth. This is where you showcase aspects of your brands like new work, behind the scenes or gorgeous photography of things that relate to your brand.
  • Newsworthy contents. This is if you have something to share like a blog post or recent mention by another brand.
  • Content-type is when you encourage engagement. This is when you ask questions.
  • You can also post giveaways and contests. This is great for a follower growth spurts.

There are different types of contests you can host. But the important thing to keep in mind is to make them brands-specific, and give away prices that are related to your brands. The main focus of the class is growing your following. When someone sees that an account has gotten several thousand people to follow them, they must what they’re talking about.

Twitter and Instagram contests encourage users to engage with you and promote your brands.

After getting an idea of what sort of content you want to post, it’s time to optimize for each platform.

1. Word count: -
Every platform has a world count, the sweet spot when it comes to getting your audience’s attention.

On Facebook: - 40-80 characters is an ideal length. Anything less gets overlooked, and anything more gets cut-offs on the user’s feed.

On Twitter: - Twitter is stricter 280 Characters maximum. Being short and succinct is how you’re going to succeed on Twitter. Just make sure to leave some extra characters, so that can people can retweet, and add messages or tag their own friends.

On Instagram: - Instagram captions, getting maximum engagement at around 150 characters. The star of your posts on Instagram will always be the images, but the captions will provide context, and can convince people to engage. I sometimes go off the deep end and make rally long Instagram posts, which do surprisingly well. The key here is that I don’t write a novel every day. Just when I have something I want to share.

2. URL a Shortener
It is great to use a URL shortener when you are adding links to your posts. Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links in the captions, but you still type out bitly link in your captions

3. @Mentions
You can use mentions to prompt influencers to engage with you and respond. Mentions are when you use the @ symbol to tag another account in your post. Give and an example to understood batter

4. #Hashtags
Hashtags are enabled on all platforms, but they only perform so on Facebook and Pinterest. However, they are vital for Instagram and Twitter. We’ll dive into hashtags more later on in this class as well. Now that we’ve got your copy covered let’s go over images.

5. Quality Images
You need to have an image if you want to post on Instagram and Pinterest, but it good rules of thumb to use an image whenever you can on Facebook and Twitter as well. Posts that have images attached, typically get more engagement than a text-only post. 

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