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About Us - scoial media stuff

Social Media Stuff is the latest and trending tech and tips and important information about social media for users & marketers. It will help you to improve your skills and knowledge for social media marketing and also this helps you to notify with the latest update and features of social media and how to use these. Social media stuff are helping you to know how to succeed in social media marketing and how to make a perfect profile for social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and other social media platforms to attract to visitor to like and follow your page. and also how to post to make a high engaging post on the social media platform.


In social media, all platform has some advantage and disadvantages to know it also helps you in how to save time and extra stuff over social media and motivate to work smart, not harder and also helps you make right choices what post is engaging positive result or negative. And also help how to by the latest tech and tips of social media. 

This blog is also different from others because this is not only for social media marketers, this also for a normal user who wants to increase likes, share & comments of there images and status on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and other platforms. also aware of a normal user to protect credentials and personal information of your social media accounts to miss use because all social media platforms are open platforms. 

This is a custom made blog there fronted or design to blog is using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap 4 and Backend part is made by the Java Struts2 framework and database is use MySql.